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Airship Solutions AS10 $18,000 Basic Unit.

Performance – The AS10 has been designed with performance and convenience in mind. The hull which measures 32ft (10m) x 8ft (2.4m) is the largest size hull that can be easily transported in most countries. With a top speed that exceeds 60km/hr and an out of site vertical climb capability the airships performance exceeds the conditions most operators will be able to ground handle or land the airship in.

AS10 Blimp



Design of Engine Units
The AS10 Airship was designed with strength in mind. The engine units are manufacture out of multiple layer carbon fibre and aircraft grade aluminum. The functional component of the engine unit is designed to be basically indestructible.

Performance / Dimensions

Twin 3W-28cc
arrow_bullet Length 32ft 32ft
arrow_bullet Height hull 8ft/fitted 10ft hull 8ft/fitted 10ft
arrow_bullet Width hull 8ft/fitted 10ft hull 8ft/fitted 10ft
arrow_bullet Cruise km/knts 38/20 38/20
arrow_bullet Maximum Speed 65/35 65/35
arrow_bullet Endurance 30 minutes standard 1hour standard

The AS10’s endurance can be extended to many hours. The extension of endurance will come as a compromise to payload. We can custom manufacture specific endurance/payload configurations should this be required.


Internal Illumination
Each hull manufactured by airship solutions comes ready with the capability to apply internal lights.


Release Mechanism
A variety or release mechanisms are available for the AS10 Airship. The airship has an auxiliary mounting section, located behind the engine unit, can be used to fit all standard release mechanisms.


Camera Options
The AS10 supports a standard pan/tilt mechanism for the high end prosumer camera’s available, up to 3 Axis Gyro stabilised Gimbals for professional HD cameras’s. A separate remote control is used to Rotate/Pan/Tilt the camera, work the zoom function and turn the camera’s record function on.


AS10 Advertising Balloon Flying over the rocky mountains

Branding the Airships
The airships can be painted, or have vinyl graphics applied. Examples of vinyl graphics is the Algemeine Zeitung blimp. Full outer skins(envelopes) can be printed for the blimps, an example is the Goodyear blimp. The third alternative is to apply banners to the blimps, and example is the banner.

Delivery and Setup
Airship Solutions has a delivery, setup and training service. We like to deliver the blimps to our customers, and ensure that there experience in owning and operating an airship of this caliber is a good one.


Alterantively we encourage our customers to visit one of our flying locations, and test fly our blimp, or take delivery after having piloted the blimp.


The Large Airship can carry cameras, dropping mechanism’s, and very large banners. Due to its increased lifting capacity it can be configured to lift many different types of scientific and measuring payloads.

Tethering Option
Airship Solutions has a tethering option. The engines can unclip from the hull, a rope harness is attached to the blimp and it can operate as a very large tethered blimp. This can be ideal for long endurance aerial filming application of a sporting event, or event. With the steerable fins the AS10 can comfortably operate in 25knot winds.


AS10 Blimp in tethered configuration with 3 Axis Gyro Stabilised Camera

AS10 Blimp in tethered configuration with 3 Axis Gyro Stabilised Camera


Optional: Gyro Stablised Gimbal for AS10 Airship/Blimp with Sony Z1 Camera system

Optional: Gyro Stablised Gimbal for AS10 Airship/Blimp with Sony Z1 Camera system

Sample video

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