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Airship Solutions is a full service company.  Once you send your logo, we will computer model it on our products, and quote the costs to operate at specific venues anywhere globally.  We will organise logistics for helium and transport, provide SWMS or Risk Assessment documentation, Public Liability.  As we are a manufacturer we can put systems together ready to operate in days.

STADIUM BLIMPS/E13_Courier_Mail_thumbnailAIRSHIPS
We can fly your brand at sporting events, inside or outside a stadium ensuring your brand is well represented.  We  film/photograph and stream live in SD or HD.  We can also deliver prizes to the audience.  Contact us for details, and we can provide a complimentary computer model of your logo on a blimp/airship.


We can operate a 4m, 5m, 6m or 10m Freeflying or Static Airship at your event, subject to weather.  The free-flying blimps can conduct multiple flights per hour, ensuring every person attending will recall your brand.


The 4m, 5m and 6m blimps are specifically designed to operate indoors, with onboard camera’s providing live stream capabilities in SD and Broadcast HD. ¬†We can cater for prize drops, coupon drops, ping pong ball drops or “rig up” a custom release to fulfill almost any requirement.


aerial_photography_thumbAERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES

Airship Solutions provides Professional Photography Services including SLR cameras with various lense options.  We process images with wide gamut colour calibrated monitors and can supply RAW images for photographers who like to process themselves.



Airship Solutions’ blimps are capable of both Standard Definition and High Definition (Broadcast) live video transmission. ¬†We can fit a range of camera’s to our free flying and tethered blimps to provide an aerial perspective of events for Broadcast, Big-screen or Security requirements.

‚ÄúThey are Airships, not Airspeedracers‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Our philosophy is to design and build airships that have the capability to perform. ¬†Although we are proud of the airships’ abilities to climb vertically and travel at speeds previously thought impossible for such objects, the crowds love to watch the airships fly gracefully overhead.