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The impact these advertising blimps provide roadside for the benefit of traffic is immense.  The fins provide stability and enable the balloon to cock into wind;  as the wind blows, the blimp flies from side to side providing a moving image which catches the eye of passers by and traffic in all directions.  They are fun and interesting to watch – not to mention are flown at a height of 50-400 ft and are accordingly able to be seen from various angles and nearby streets.


Airship Solutions can manufacture and operate a blimp nationally or internationally for specific events, and provide public liability insurance, trained operators, logistics for transportation and helium as a complete service. We can provide computer generated renders of the end result prior to signoff.




The fins and balloons come in different colours and can then be tailored made to tie in with your corporate colours or logos.




Using Airships for advertisement and promotional purposes results in high brand recall and awareness.  Our Tethered Blimp Service includes our expert advice and experience on positioning the blimps where they will have the highest visibility, attracting the attention of all people within miles of your business, or event.


We can print flags to adorn the ropes beneath the blimp to increase your advertising real estate and the flags can be changed easily.