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Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Airship Solutions is based in Melbourne, but operates globally. As a manufacturer of Aerial Photography Solutions, we also have a large number of photographers and Aerial Solution Operators that we utilise to get prompt and cost effective service on a global scale.

Methods of aerial photography undertaken include:

  • Drones, both large (carrying SLR cameras) or small (cost effective)
  • Airships (either tethered for CBD applications or freeflying around site)
  • Mast (up to 22m)
  • Portable Mast (up to 10m)
  • Helicopter/Planes for high aerial locality images


In order for us to accurately quote on a unique photographic assignment for you, we will require the following information:

  • Where are the Photographs to be taken?
  • Is the Photography to be conducted during the Day or Night, Dusk or Dawn? What are the differences?
  • Are the photographs being taken required to be Stitched? What is photo stitching?
  • What are the altitudes of the intended photographs? 0 – 20m? 20m to 130m? or 130m and above? What are the differences?
  • How many photographs do you imagine you require?
  • Do you require any photograph enhancing or are you a professional aerial photographer who would prefer RAW Images?
  • What is your timeframe? Is the job urgent?
  • Standard/Scouting Aerial Photography

    • 30 Minutes onsite professional photography session
    • Maximum block size 40000m2
    • 20+ full resolution images (20mp+)
    • Public Liability Insurance

  • Dusk/Dawn Aerial Photography

    • 30 Minutes onsite photography session
    • Photographs conducted from single prime location
    • Full resolutions images (20mp+)
    • Public Liability Insurance

  • Drone/Balloon Professional SLR Level Aerial Photography

  • (above 22m)

    • Individual Views N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW OR
      360 views in anticipation of stitching your panorama
    • 20+ full resolution images (20mp or 50mp)
    • Photographs labelled by direction and height
    • Images supplied as TIFF/JPEG files or RAW for those clients wishing to process images themselves.
    • Public Liabiliy Insurance/Workers Comp
      *Photo-stitching at additonal costs

    Contact for a Quote

  • Drone Photography and Filming


    • Ideal for people who require standard imagery
    • 12mp images ideal for websites/project reporting/capital works reporting/construction progression imagery
    • Images can be supplied in JPEG or RAW
    • Set price for either photography or filming (dependent on location)
    • Public Liability Insurance/Workers comp

  • Mast Photography up to 22m

  • (Cost Effective Option)
    airship photography

    • 30 minutes onsite photography session
    • Individual Photographs supplied
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Low level photography (Maximum height 22m)
    • Similar to blimp/drone photography but more cost effective
    • Stability at night for sunset/low light photography (additional cost applies for time of day)

  • Event Photography Session

    • Packages to be determined on contact
    • Options include both customized blimp for advertising purposes and photographs of the event
    • Images can be supplied in JPEG or RAW
    • Price is based on hours of operation and logistics
    • Public Liability Insurance

    Contact for a quote

  • Construction and Capital Works Photography

    • 30 minutes onsite photography session
    • Individual Photographs supplied
    • 20+ full resolution images (20mp+)
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Ability to show construction progress from different angles

  • School Photography Session

    • 30 minute onsite photography session
    • 20+ full resolution photographs (20mp+)
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • School events
    • Ability to show surrounds such as parkland, main roads and public transport
    • For uses on maps, brochures and posters

Other services

  • Photostitching

    • 12+ images combined into one image for seamless panoramic viewing (@100%)
    • Images either supplied or taken by Airship Solutions
    • Price per one final image
    • Retouching/colour correction and enhancement included


  • Photo Enhancement

    • Individual image enhancement
    • Retouching – colour correction/enhancement
    • Add back the detail and drama to your image