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Airship Solutions is based in Melbourne, but operates globally. As a manufacturer of Aerial Photography Solutions, we also have a large number of photographers and Aerial Solution Operators that we utilise to get prompt and cost effective service on a global scale.

Methods of aerial photography undertaken include:

  • Drones, both large (carrying SLR cameras) or small (cost effective)
  • Airships (either tethered for CBD applications or freeflying around site)
  • Mast (up to 22m)
  • Portable Mast (up to 10m)
  • Helicopter/Planes for high aerial locality images


In order for us to accurately quote on a unique photographic assignment for you, we will require the following information:

  • Where are the Photographs to be taken?
  • Is the Photography to be conducted during the Day or Night, Dusk or Dawn? What are the differences?
  • Are the photographs being taken required to be Stitched? What is photo stitching?
  • What are the altitudes of the intended photographs? 0 – 20m? 20m to 130m? or 130m and above? What are the differences?
  • How many photographs do you imagine you require?
  • Do you require any photograph enhancing or are you a professional aerial photographer who would prefer RAW Images?
  • What is your timeframe? Is the job urgent?

Drone Photography and Filming

Ideal for people who require standard imagery
12mp images ideal for websites/project reporting/capital works reporting/construction progression imagery
Images can be supplied in JPEG or RAW
Set price for either photography or filming (dependent on location)
Public Liability Insurance/Workers comp

Dusk/Dawn Aerial Photography

30 Minutes onsite photography session
Photographs conducted from single prime location
Full resolutions images (20mp+)
Public Liability Insurance

Scouting Aerial Photography

30 Minutes onsite professional photography session
Maximum block size 40000m2
20+ full resolution images (20mp+)
Public Liability Insurance

Mast Photography up to 22m

30 minutes onsite photography session
Individual Photographs supplied
Public Liability Insurance
Low level photography (Maximum height 22m)
Similar to blimp/drone photography but more cost effective
Stability at night for sunset/low light photography (additional cost applies for time of day)

Event Photography Session

Packages to be determined on contact
Options include both customized blimp for advertising purposes and photographs of the event
Images can be supplied in JPEG or RAW
Price is based on hours of operation and logistics
Public Liability Insurance

Construction and Capital Works Photography

30 minutes onsite photography session
Individual Photographs supplied
20+ full resolution images (20mp+)
Public Liability Insurance
Ability to show construction progress from different angles

School Photography Session

30 minute onsite photography session
20+ full resolution photographs (20mp+)
Public Liability Insurance
School events
Ability to show surrounds such as parkland, main roads and public transport
For uses on maps, brochures and posters


12+ images combined into one image for seamless panoramic viewing (@100%)
Images either supplied or taken by Airship Solutions
Price per one final image
Retouching/colour correction and enhancement included

Photo Enhancement

Individual image enhancement
Retouching – colour correction/enhancement
Add back the detail and drama to your image