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Before embarking on Drone Photography, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to ensure Drone Photography is the best tool for the job:

  1. How high do I need to go to obtain images which best suit my requirement – up to 10m (portable mast), up to 22m (trailered mast), up to 400ft AGL drone or balloon or above 400ft AGL balloon or helicopter;
  2. Where is the site located ie rural or city and in proximity to obstacles, airports, other buildings;
  3. What type of lighting am I after, ie morning, afternoon, night or middle of the day and in what direction do I need the light to shine in or on my property/project
  4. Over what time period do the photos need to be taken sunrise, dusk to night or golden light;
  5. Do I need high resolution imagery or web based imagery (lower resolution)?
  6. If high resolution imagery is required what lens or lenses do I require ie tilt-shift or prime lens and what is the purpose of the photography ie. 3D render, indicative views of proposed building, identification of property borders, locality of site in conjunction with city, mountains or beaches, amenities, airports or major road thoroughfares.

What is your Drone photography for?

Once you have determined the type of aerial photography you require and that drone photography is the right “tool for the job” we have you covered.


Just to recap…. You require imagery up to 400ft AGL!   Or if you are city based within a drone exclusion zone or close to proximity to an airport, our elevated mast systems or tethered balloons may be a better option for you.


Today, your marketing strategy is incomplete if you have not included some stunning aerial photographs and/or video imagery of your project.  Whether it be for property development, indicative views of high rise apartments including stitched panoramas, locality imagery – your property in relation to the local park, amenities or bay, design or 3D image rendering, capital works, construction, residential and/or commercial real estate and the like we have the expertise and official certifications required for the job.    We are expert in accessing areas that are difficult to approach, having all the equipment specific to the type of job at hand.    We cater to all type of people or companies for industrial, commercial and residential for large or small project alike.


We offer a number of drone services:


Scouting or web based photography service 

This service utilises our smaller and more economical drone for scouting photography;  required for determining views to identify the value of your property or project or smaller imagery required for web based viewing.  In this case conducted in an economical manner as a first step in determining heights required to achieve views or best time of day for further marketing collateral to be conducted with our larger drone;  or


Marketing photography

conducted with our larger drone carrying the latest Canon SLR cameras and using professional L series lenses conducted at specific times of day to capture specific lighting required for your project.

Once you have determined the type of drone required for your shoot, you will then need to determine the time of day and lighting requirements for your project.   Whether it is within the “golden hour” – sunrise or sunset, your location in conjunction with the city or just afternoon or morning sun, this will determine your package required.

Just call us on 0415 150414 and discuss your project or requirements and our experienced team will talk you through the possibilities and assist you in breaking down your requirements with the appropriate and best “tool for the job”.