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Elevated and Pneumatic Mast Photography

In addition to all types of drone photography, Airship Solutions also offers two elevated mast photography services:

Pneumatic Mast

Pneumatic Mast (trailered) up to 22m AGL – height of indicative 7 story building.
Our Pneumatic masts are an especially great tool for low rise property development photography where you are trying to capture that magical lighting from golden hour through to dusk or sunrise and need to be at a specific height over a longer period of time to achieve that ``timelapse`` effect or citylights.
Our mast systems house a gimballed SLR remote operated camera using your selection of prime lenses to accommodate all types of marketing collateral (including panoramas) or tilt-shift lenses to accommodate your architectural photography or specialised render requirements. We use the latest of the Canon cameras and can accommodate both landscape and portrait views.

Portable mast

Due to the reduced risk of putting our SLR cameras up on our mast, compared to flying a large drone, this is a more cost effective service for our clients. In addition, this service is a less invasive service than flying a drone over or near peoples houses at those more sensitive times of the day where “noise” matters to those around you. Our elevated Mast system is nice and quiet as to not wake up those residential people nearby or potentially your “new neighbours”.

Our portable hand mast is also an amazing tool for those special render or city views where your photo position is on a sidewalk amongst the general public and you “just need that little more height”!

Unlike drone flying and the Civial Aviation Safety Authority requirements to be 30m clear of people, our mast service is not restricted if a photo shoot is “amongst” people as long as we are able to position our systems where required.

It is also an especially practical tool when trying to achieve indicative views for property development sites within proximity to airports. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority does not allow drone flying within 3 nautical miles of an operating airport – roughly 5.5kms.

Please call us to discuss your requirements and scope of work as this service can be a more economical or cost effective tool for your requirement