Complete Solutions

Complete Solutions

Airship Solutions Complete Package is designed to be hook up and drive away, enabling you to start generating revenues immediately. We provide a custom designed blimp trailer with the aerial photography solution.


Why purchase from Airship Solutions:

Unlike many manufacturers of aerial photography systems, Airship Solutions operates with its own products. All of our products are tried and tested commercially undertaking hundreds and thousands of jobs, we like our systems to work, to be reliable and easy to operate.


Airship Solutions can provide support and training in Europe, North America, Canada and Australia .


The three standard Solutions are 13ft (4m), 17ft (5m) and 20ft(6m) blimps, that support camera systems lighter than 1lbs, 3lbs(1.35kg’s) and greater than 3lbs(1.35kg’s).

The camera gimbal is used to pan and tilt the camera. The gimbals are manufactured from Carbon Fiber composites. Carbon Fiber is light, strong and incredibly resilient.


Each Complete Aerial Photography Solution has four parts:


  • The blimp – used to lift the camera and gimbal
  • The gimbal – A pan/tilt mechanism used to accurately maneuver the camera to take the photograph
  • The ground station – required to view the camera’s image and operate the gimbal
    The customer designed blimp trailer
  • The Trailer – Each Airship Solutions office has experience in supplying custom manufactured trailers to suit our blimps. This is to aid the custom, where required, in driving away with a complete solution ready to undertake aerial photography.


The photography blimps have fins to keep them stable and facing into the wind, the wind speed that a blimp can handle is dependant on lift and trimming. When trimmed properly, as the wind speed the blimps can handle is greater than our specified limits. The design of our blimps enables them to generate lift, and thereby “fight” or penetrate the wind.




The Trailer / Transporter


Unlike other trailers the size of the blimp transporters, very little weight is being carried. The blimp trailers are designed to be light weight, which makes them very easy to maneuver and tow behind a vehicle. The sides and roof of the trailer are made from either heavy duty vinyl, enabling the trailer sides to be sign written, or digitally printed or from Aluminum composite materials as pictured above. The nose of the trailer is made from aluminum check plate, allowing for good wind penetration.


The Small Aerial Photography Blimp will comfortably fit into the rear of a large van such as a Dodge Sprinter/Mercedes Sprinter van. The space requirements are 5ft x 5ft x 13ft or 1.5m x 1.5m x 4m


The Standard sized blimp can walk into the back of a truck with a box 7ft x 7ft x 17f or 2.1m x 2.1m x 5mt.


We also provide construction plans or details of our trailer solutions to all customers that would like to build there own trailer.


Trailer Price Guide – Regional Prices may vary please contact Airship Solutions in your region to confirm.


Blimp Size Soft Sided (Vinyl) Trailer Hard Side (Alucabond)Trailer


The larger trailers are delivered with twin axle configuration and electric brakes on one axle. Registration will need to be done by the client in their respective state or country.