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Airship Custom Design

Custom design service is available to people that have unique requirements. We can design a blimp, airship, dirigible or zeppelin to undertake almost any service that you would have.


We take into consideration your desired payload, performance, altitude, temperature, robustness, serviceability and ascetic requirements.


From the designs, we have a pattern making service, or complete CAD/CAM service to manufacture the most complex of components.


Worlds largest RC airship in operation.

Worlds largest RC airship in operation.


Airship Custom Graphics Works Service

We generate 3D renders of your potential airship. The benefits of this are:


  • You can see how your airship will look prior to delivery
  • This assists us in getting your graphics or lettering correct
  • We can more accurately determine costs or manufacture


This is a service that we provide, which has a costs associated, which are determined based on your requirements. Contact us for further information.


Custom Designed Airships


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