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Aerial filming / Video

Airship Solutions provides an complete aerial filming/advertising service, we can manufacture and service the solutions almost anywhere in the world, with teams of people on three continents ready to provide services.


Both powered and tethered airships can all be equipped with proquality camera’s or commerical high definition cameras. Airship Solutions provides a cost effective and high end camera gimbal that have complete pan and tilt operations and Pan/Tilt and Roll with Gyro stabilistation respectively. The video transmission is via Microwave Analogue or Microwave Digital links.




We can record your event or transmit the blimp camera live to a television, scoreboard or video projector in real time.


foxsports blimp banner



AS10 Airship with 3 axis Gyro stablised camera on nose.

When operating as a motorised blimp a seperate controller and blimp operator work as a team to position the blimp and the camera to get the optimum shot. The blimps can safely fly very low over buildings or structures to get a unique camera perspective. The blimps can operate near silently.


movi gimbal under as7 blimp

Drone photography

The Video clips require the latest version of flash to be installed on your machine.
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