About Us

Airship Solutions Company profile

Airship Solutions designs, builds and operates specialised unmanned and tethered aerial advertising, broadcasting, photographic and scientific platforms. We work closely with our customers and product partners, listening to their feedback to ensure that their needs are met.  We often include their recommendations in the continuous improvements of our products. We are fortunate, we like what we do.  Once a new product is conceptualized, we cannot wait to get the prototype built and flying.


Airship Solutions manufactures components and has service provision in Australia, North America and Europe. We can also assist in service in over 20 other countries through our customers, who have developed a skill and proficiency with our products.


We are proud of what we have been able to achieve to date and look forward to the future.  We have found the best manufacturers in the market place, and have done the work to assemble our solutions for you.

Mission Statement


  • To lead the advancement and implementation of existing and new airship technologies
  • To be the partner of choice for the development of creative and advanced applications for airships
  • To leverage creativity in the approach to blimp design and applications.
  • To offer a wide range of products for our customers to most specifically meet their needs (cost, handling, application)


Statement of Direction


  • To generate awareness of cost effective blimp applications for Marketing, Advertising, aerial photography and surveillance.
  • To creatively incorporate GPS and UAV (Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle) technologies into Airship Solution products.
  • Continuing to improve our current product line by material selection and design
  • To develop industry specific applications
  • To offer a wide range of choices for our customers
Stabilised filming Blimp
airship photography
drone 130 airship portrait
Darling Harbour Cool Yule blimp during Vivid