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Medium Sized Airships 6m/20ft

Airship Solutions AS7 is the highest performing 20ft(6m) airship on the market. The airship can be purchased as an electric airship, glow engine airship, or with both options.

– watch our airships climb vertically, watch our airships turn on a dime, hover or cruise, films are further down on the page.

Design of Engine Units

The AS7 Airship was designed with complete versatility in mind. The engine units are manufacture out of multiple layer carbon fibre, and assembled with serviceability in mind. The functional component of the engine unit is designed to be basically indestructible.

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Commbank Blimp Landing Vodafone Blimp AS7 Airship Solutions

All of the bolts are fitted with nylock nuts, and set screws/grub screws are loctited.

Performance Statistics

Electric Glow Fuel (2 Stroke) Glow Fuel (4 Stroke)
Length 6m 6m 6m
Height 2.4m 2.4m 2.4m
Width 2.2m 2.2m 2.2m
Cruise 12knts 15knts 15knts
bullet Maximum Speed 30knts 35knts 35knts
bullet Endurance 30 mintues 30 mintues 20 minutes
bullet Extended tanks/battery 60 minutes 60 mintues 40 mintues

Internal Illumination
Each hull manufactured by airship solutions comes ready with the capability to apply internal lights.

Release Mechanism
A variety or release mechanisms are available for the AS7 Airship. The airship has an auxiliary mounting section, located behind the engine unit, can be used to fit all standard release mechanisms.

Camera Options
The AS7 support a standard pan/tilt mechanism for the high end prosumer camera’s available. A separate remote control is used to rotate the camera, work the zoom function and turn the camera’s record function on. A microwave video link is used to view and control the camera in real time.

Branding the Airships
The airships can be painted, or have vinyl graphics applied. Examples of vinyl graphics is the Algemeine Zeitung blimp. Full outer skins(envelopes) can be printed for the blimps, an example is the Goodyear blimp. The third alternative is to apply banners to the blimps, and example is the Airship.com.au banner.

WOW Blimp flying at Suncorp Stadium

Delivery and Setup
Airship Solutions has a delivery, setup and training service. We like to deliver the blimps to our customers, and ensure that there experience in owning and operating an airship of this caliber is a good one.

TAB Blimp AS7 Night Lights

The AS7 Airship can comfortably operate in winds up to 15knots or higher with experienced operators. The AS7 is currently operating in more than 20 countries, and has flown in countless stadiums, exhibitions, concerts and locations on different continents.

Length 6 meters
Height 2.5 meters
Banner Size 2.8 x 1.2 meters
Carrying Capacity 2.5 Kg max-4.0Kg
Weight 0 Kg

AS7 Commerical Usage Prices

$16,000 Outdoor Version $9000 Indoor Version
Professional Version Professional Version
  • AS7 Blimp with Carbon Fiber Engine Unit
  • ABS Gondola
  • Brushless motors with ABS Ducts
  • Fins with choice of colour, 40 to choose from
  • Hull with three standard colours or combination of 3 standard colours. Any PMS can be matched for non-standard at a cost.
  • 7Ch Multiplex Remote Control
  • 2 x AC/DC Digital Battery Charger
  • 2 x 5s1p Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Hull Repair Kit
  • Fins with Rudders and Elevators
  • AS7 Blimp with Carbon Fiber Engine Unit
  • ABS Gondola
  • Brushless motors with ABS Ducts
  • Fins white choice of colour, 40 to choose from
  • Hull with three standard colours or combination of 3 standard colours. Any PMS can be matched for non-standard at a cost.
  • 7Ch Multiplex Remote Control
  • 2 x AC/DC Digital Battery Charger
  • 2 x 2s1p Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • HullRepair Kit
  • Fins with lower fin rear thruster
Multiplex 7Ch Remote Control Cockpit Swallow AC DC Digital Battery Charger Flight Power 5s1p 5350 Lithium Polymer Battery

Extra Options and upgrades Available

Eagle Tree Telemetry System $650

The Eagle Tree telemetry system allows the blimp operator to monitor battery voltage, altitude, GPS location (extra option), current flow and power consumed during flight amongst other valuable features. When operating over crowds or at a commercial event we consider this solution a must.

Eagletree Computer Dashboard

Eagle Tree Dashboard Pro

Multiplex Cockpit Radio with Eagletree Telemetry

Aerial Photography Gimbal $3800

The Aerial Photography Gimbal supports standard sized digital SLR Cameras. The gimbal comes complete with

  • Carbon Fiber Camera Gimbal
  • Seperate Remote Control with Video Receiver and 2.5" TFT Screen
  • Electronic trigger for selected camera
  • Lithium Polymer Batteries
  • Hicam 2.4GHz Video Sender
SLR Photograph Gimbal
Swallow Digital Battery Charger

Digital Battery Charger $120

The Swallow Digital Battery charger can charge from 110v, 240v, or 12V. The digital battery charger allows you to monitor battery voltages, and current flow into batteries which is a major part of determining your batteries health.

JR PCM 9X/ Graupner 9ch/ Futaba 9CAP $500 Upgrade Cost

The JR/Graupner and Futaba remote control options are PCM remote control (Pulse Code Modulation). The PCM offers superior signal quality and strength, programming ability and an ability to perform handover operations when operating with multiple controllers.

JR PCM 9Xii Remote Control

Coupon Releases/Flags/Football Drops

Airship Solutions manufactures a range of coupon releases, ping pong ball releases, and custom releases. Prices start from $45 for a basic 20 coupon release.

Flight Power Evo Lite Batteries $380 Pair

TheAS7 has optimal performance when the engine unit is powered by a pair of the Flight Power 5s1p 5350 Evo Lite battery.

Flight Power Evo Lite battery
Standard Lithium Polymer Battery

Other Lithium Polymer Batteries $200 Pair

5s1p 5000mAH Standard Lithium Polymer batteries perform very well on the E13 Airship. Exceptional value for money.


Sample video

AS7 Performance   Electric AS7 Performance  
  Bully Blimp Video of AS7 at stadium  
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View Small Video (3.02MB)

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AS7 Launch
The medium Airships are great for sporting arenas, atriums, and most places with high roofs while operating with electric motors.

Aerial Photography
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